[FYI] - Article - "CVE/NVD doesn't work for open source and supply chain security" 2 messages By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[RFC] Vote to adopt WG Charter (or provide needed feedback to make it acceptable) By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
FYI: GitHub now supports private vulnerability reporting!!! 2 messages By David A. Wheeler ·
[RFC] OSS-SIRT Plan Revisions ready for review & comments - DUE BY 2DEC2022 By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[OpenSSF] The US Securing Open Source Software Act of 2022 is a step in the right direction By Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming ·
[RFC] Please express your opinions on next projects for the group By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
Housekeeping FYIs - Holiday Calendars and Slack Apps By Jory Burson (PM, LF) ·
[Action Requested] Steps to be credited as a WG Member in LFX Platform By Jory Burson (PM, LF) ·
[FYI] CVD Guide for Finders .01 now live in OSSF Github! By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[AR][RFC] Feedback Needed - GitHub Home for new CVD Guide 4 messages By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
OSSF Vuln Disclosure WG Finder CVD Guide Grammar Adventure By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[FYI] 6Sept Vuln Disclosure Working Group Update By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[FYI] OSS-SIRT Plan 2.0 uploaded as md files to our git repo By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[RFC] Focus Group to finalize CVD guide text doodle poll 2 messages By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
Availability for Working Session on Reporter Guide By Madison Oliver ·
What to do about the August 10 call? 6 messages By VM (Vicky) Brasseur ·
[openssf-sig-osssirt] [RFC] Security Advisory 2 messages By Francis Perron ·
[FYI] OSS-SIRT SIG kickoff - 5July2022 By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[AR] Vuln Disclosure WG SIG(s) to address Steam 5 & 6 - Please vote by 10June2022 4 messages By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[DECISION] RE: [AR] WG VOTE - to meme or not to meme? DUE EoD 3June2022 By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
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