July 27th Meeting Canceled 2 messages By Ware, Ryan R ·
No Meeting June 29th By Ware, Ryan R ·
No Meeting Today By Ware, Ryan R ·
Readme Update By Ware, Ryan R ·
Tooling: Instead of just definitions, how about a short guide to security tools? Here's a first draft! 2 messages By David A. Wheeler ·
FYI: Un-bee-lievable Performance: Fast Coverage-guided Fuzzing with Honeybee and Intel Processor Trace By David A. Wheeler ·
Meeting Cancelled By Ware, Ryan R ·
New Google Meet Link By Ware, Ryan R ·
PLEASE REGISTER for the upcoming OpenSSF Town Hall on Monday, February 22, 1:00-2:00p ET (1800-1900 UTC) By David A. Wheeler ·
Security Tooling WG Handover By Simon Bennetts ·
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