Adopt the Alpha-Omega 10k critical OSS Projects list under this WG By Jonathan Leitschuh ·
Set of Identified Critical Projects RFC By Jeff Mendoza ·
[OpenSSF] The US Securing Open Source Software Act of 2022 is a step in the right direction By Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming ·
APAC friendly meeting time By Jeff Mendoza ·
FYI - March 24 meeting time updated on public calendar By Jory Burson (PM, LF) ·
cancelling holiday-week meetings By Brian Behlendorf ·
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[Action Requested] Call for 2022 WG Priority Ideas By David A. Wheeler ·
Yubikey Deployment/Distribution Planning Session Scheduling 2 messages By John Naulty ·
FYI: Packaging-con conference By David A. Wheeler ·
FYI - Announcement tomorrow - OpenSSF Allstar GitHub App! By Kay Williams ·
FYI: "Underproduction: An Approach for Measuring Risk in Open Source Software" (Fwd from CHAOSS) By David A. Wheeler ·
PLEASE REGISTER for the upcoming OpenSSF Town Hall on Monday, February 22, 1:00-2:00p ET (1800-1900 UTC) By David A. Wheeler ·
Vote PASSED: "Should OpenSSF accept CII Census, Survey, & special projects?" By David A. Wheeler ·
Vote: Should OpenSSF accept CII Census, Survey, & special projects? 2 messages By David A. Wheeler ·