Proposals for Monday's meeting of "Best Practices" group

David A. Wheeler

All: I would like to propose the following for Monday's discussion:

The OpenSSF is expected to have a press release at the end of October.
It would be very good to have a few concrete results to announce then.
If we want to meet that deadline, some things must happen quickly!

Several people have reviewed the course “Fundamentals of Developing
Secure Software”,
with generally very positive comments. I have tried to respond to all
feedback (e.g., there's more about privacy, CORS, etc.).
If this course is to be released by the end of October,
the course content has to be frozen Sep 15, and this WG needs to
approve it as an OpenSSF result within a few days (final approval must
be known by the end of September, and the TAC and GB may need/want
to weigh in).

On 2020-09-11 Glenn Ten Cate & David A. Wheeler spent considerable
time discussing
OWASP SKF & the "Fundamentals..." course. They are very different;
the "Fundamentals" course covers basic fundamentals, while OWASP SKF includes
mechanisms to identify requirements & a set of labs. We discussed options for
integrating them more closely in the future, and have some ideas
for doing that
long-term, but it would be risky to try to integrate them into a single
by the end of October. However, Glenn Ten Cate believes they can
have a useful
capability by the end of October. Both agreed that the SKF labs, for example,
are an excellent complement to the "Fundamentals" material.

I propose that:
* This WG vote whether or not to approve releasing the
“Fundamentals of Developing Secure Software” course as an OpenSSF course.
The vote can be electronic; if desired here's a Doodle poll to do it:
<> . I propose a deadline of
2020-09-17 23:00 Eastern Time (this upcoming Thursday).

I also propose that:
* The OWASP SKF work be encouraged to be developed so that there will be
a releasable version at the end of October (e.g., with enough
labs that people can clearly see its utility). The WG would vote later
(say in early October) on whether or not it's ready at that time.
Of course this work could continue to be refined after that time.

--- David A. Wheeler