Proposal: OpenSSF TAC to resolve WG "home" for CII Best Practices badge project

David A. Wheeler

This morning the OpenSSF Best Practices WG and Security Threats WG each voted that the CII Best Practices badge project should move into their respective WGs. I think there was general agreement that the badge project should have just one “official” place (to minimize confusion).

It’s good that CII Badge Projects is wanted! And I think this result confirms that there’s a general desire to move it into the OpenSSF. That said, there’s conflict that needs resolution.


I propose that the TAC decide which OpenSSF WG ends up with the CII Best Practices badge. The Security Threats WG will write a few sentences arguing their case, and I think someone in the Best Practices WG should do the same. I further propose that this decision at least be an agenda item for the OpenSSF TAC meeting on Oct 6; the TAC could then decide to vote immediately, or kick off an electronic voting process to give people time to think.

No matter what the outcome, I think the CII Best Practices badge work will need to work with both working groups, as it can (and should!) support both WGs.

— David A. Wheeler