Please help us create a survey of educational materials on secure software development

David A. Wheeler

The new Education SIG is trying to do a survey of existing educational materials on "secure development practices, modern code management, deployment methodologies, selecting software components (as a developer), as well as language or technology-specific documentation and training needs to be reviewed and tailored." This is to support stream 1 (education) step 1, "collect and curate content". [1]

Please help! If you know of any educational materials, or are willing to record search results aboiut them, please contribute to:
You'll have to ask permission to edit & then someone will add you, sorry for the 2-step process.

We're looking for "Existing materials from the OpenSSF, OWASP, industry groups, and major open source projects". We'll do a gap analysis after that, but first step is to find them.

--- David A. Wheeler


[1] Page 16 of the "The Open Source Software Security Mobilization Plan"