[RFC] EDU.SIG Plan ready for review & comment - DUE 23Dec2022

CRob Robinson (Intel)

EDU.SIG & BEST WG members – the EDU.SIG has completed our work on the next draft of the Education plan that we desire to share with the TAC in early 2023.  Please take some time and read through the plan(1) and provide any feedback you may have(2).  If you have corrections or desired changes to the wording, please submit a PR.  We’d like to have this feedback no later than 23Dec2022 so that we can begin the process of sharing with the TAC and GB.  Thanks to everyone that helped us get this far, great work!  I’m really looking forward to collaborating on the next stages of our efforts here!


  1. - https://github.com/ossf/education/tree/main/plan
  2. - https://github.com/ossf/education/issues/64





Director of Security Communications

Intel Product Assurance and Security