[Action Requested] Steps to be credited as a WG Member in LFX Platform

Jory Burson (PM, LF)

OpenSSF Staff are undertaking an effort to provide better data and reporting to our community in a number of different ways. One of these ways is to gauge Working Group and committee participation on mailing lists and in working group meetings, which can be shared in the Insights, Individual, and Organization dashboards on LFX.

If you would like to be included on the committee list in the LF tools platform, please take the following steps by Sept. 30:
  • Update your mailing list profile to include your first and last name
    • Log in to lists.openssf.org (our mailing list tool) using your subscribed email address*
    • Click on your account (top right drop down)
    • Click on Identity (far left nav menu)
    • Add or edit your Display Name - FirstName LastName
  • Create or Update your LFID
    • If you don't have an LFID, Create an Account using your subscribed email address
    • If you do have an LFID, log in to the Individual Dashboard to confirm or update that your subscribed email address is affiliated with your LFID
Est. time of effort: 10 minutes

This is entirely optional, but there are some benefits all around if you take a moment to do this. If you run into issues with either of these steps, please let us know by filing a ticket on our helpdesk at members.openssf.org. And of course if you have any questions, let me know, and we'll get them answered ASAP.  

muchas muchas gracias! - Jory

Does this affect your ability to participate in WG meetings or mailing list discussions?
Absolutely not. Whether or not you take the steps above, you will always be able to join these meetings and access them via our shared calendar. 

Why should I do this?
For OpenSSF, taking the steps above helps us get a much better picture of community engagement. We will share this data with the community via the LF Insights tool. It also helps us transition to other tools and features that the LFX team are rolling out for meeting management, votes, and other administrativa. It also helps identify you to others when you reply or post to the email list.

For you and your organization, it helps demonstrate the collective investment of our efforts to the business community and industry. Your participation in the working groups will be reflected in your Individual dashboard, and if your LFID is affiliated with your employer, in your company dashboard.

What happens if I don't?
You won't see your participation in the working group reflected in your LFX Profile, and your company won't see it either. Many orgs love to see and use this data to show how their team are investing in and giving back to open source, so it's a nice quantitative thing to show impact. 

Do I have to do this for each Working Group I'm in?
No, the steps above will add your name to all working groups. You just have to do it once.

Can I edit, remove, or otherwise revoke permission later?
Yep! For more information about how this data is used and how to request your data, please see our privacy policy. You can also add, update, or remove data in the individual dashboard.