FYI: Fundamentals course statistics

David A. Wheeler

FYI, here are some statistics for the secure software development fundamentals courses,
as of today.

--- David A. Wheeler


LFD 121 is on the Linux Foundation T&C platform,
and the course has only become available relatively recently there.
Value Count Enrollments Overall: 3176
Value Count Completions Overall: 204
Value Count Enrollments - Last 14 Days: 235
Value Count Completions - Last 14 Days: 24

Obviously completions come after enrollments (sometimes LONG after),
and it's pretty common for people to start & not complete online courses.
That's not a disaster; learning something is better than learning nothing.
I've had some discussions about ways to learn more about *where* people
are stopping (maybe there's a problem that needs fixing), as well as ways to
encourage people to keep going (e.g., by creating groups with Slack channel
supports to encourage people to keep up with their peers.

LFD104x, LFD105x, and LFD106x are on edX. It's the sam material but
split into 3 separate courses; I have no data on overlap or completions.
Value Count Enrollments Overall: 3920; 1997; 1905
Value Count Enrollments - Last 14 Days: 20; 17; 15

SKF includes this material, but I don't have the statistics for those users.

For more on the material see <>