Content for “Secure Software Development Fundamentals” - convert to Markdown?

David A. Wheeler

The Content for the “Secure Software Development Fundamentals” course hosted on edX is posted as a Google document here:

I just finished cleaning up some of the material, based on earlier work by Flavia. It should now precisely match the edX text and references should now have more information to help people find the sources.

If it’s fine to leave on Google docs, then nothing else needs to happen!! However, some have expressed an interest in converting it to Markdown.

How strong is the desire to convert to Markdown now? Who cares & who doesn’t? If we do convert, does anyone have recommendations on how to do that conversion with a minimum of pain, minimum of loss, and produces something that’s reasonable to review? Who would be willing to help in that process?

The document has lots of text, though relatively little formatting. It does include a number of figures.

--- David A. Wheeler