[EXTERNAL] [openssf-tac] Proposal: OpenSSF TAC to resolve WG "home" for CII Best Practices badge project

Ryan Haning (Microsoft)

Hi Dan,


The leads of the Best Practices and the Identifying Security Threats working groups are meeting tomorrow to discuss this (CRob has the invite). As the leaders of those WGs, let’s allow them to have the discussion with David, and then they can present their (ideally) decision to the TAC or if they are unable to reach agreement on their own, they can present their cases to the TAC and the TAC may then vote on a decision.


I agree in keeping these conversations transparent, so we can ask that they record the meeting and publish it afterwards.




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Could someone please update this thread with the current status of this discussion? 


There are some comments in the TAC slack channel about an upcoming meeting between working group leads to discuss, but CRob and I haven't been able to track down the invitation. Let's try to keep all conversations transparent and open.


Dan Lorenc


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On Oct 30, 2020, at 12:26 PM, Dan Lorenc <dlorenc@...> wrote:


We've officially cancelled next week's meeting, so I'll continue trying to push this forward via email.


It looks like we're up to 3 options now:

  • Ryan's proposal
  • Best Practices WG
  • Identifying Threats WG

Should we move to a vote between these options? Something else? The WGs have been waiting on a decision here for over a month now, we owe them some kind of answer.


The TAC can choose to do whatever it wants to do!


I thought the WGs would first propose their charters to the TAC, the TAC would vote to approve (or not) each charter, and after the charters were approved *then* the TAC would vote on the location of the badge (see TAC 2020-10-20 meeting notes). But the TAC has every right to vote *now* if it chooses to.


--- David A. Wheeler