[EXTERNAL] [openssf-tac] Proposal: OpenSSF TAC to resolve WG "home" for CII Best Practices badge project

David A. Wheeler

On Oct 30, 2020, at 12:26 PM, Dan Lorenc <dlorenc@...> wrote:

We've officially cancelled next week's meeting, so I'll continue trying to push this forward via email.

It looks like we're up to 3 options now:
  • Ryan's proposal
  • Best Practices WG
  • Identifying Threats WG
Should we move to a vote between these options? Something else? The WGs have been waiting on a decision here for over a month now, we owe them some kind of answer.

The TAC can choose to do whatever it wants to do!

I thought the WGs would first propose their charters to the TAC, the TAC would vote to approve (or not) each charter, and after the charters were approved *then* the TAC would vote on the location of the badge (see TAC 2020-10-20 meeting notes). But the TAC has every right to vote *now* if it chooses to.

--- David A. Wheeler