SCORED'22 supply-chain workshop: help spread the word By Laurent Simon ·
Setting up SIGs per-stream for the Mobilization Plan By Brian Behlendorf ·
Agenda for June 28th Meeting By Bob Callaway (Google, TAC Representative) ·
Introduction to SECURITY INSIGHTS - TAC Meeting 28.06.22 By Luigi Gubello ·
Proposal for Next Town Hall Call 2 messages By Jory Burson (PM, LF) ·
OSTIF: Brief update for OpenSSF TAC By Amir Montazery ·
June 14 Meeting Agenda By Bob Callaway (Google, TAC Representative) ·
Doodle Poll to continue TAC Discussion RE Pyrsia By Jory Burson (PM, LF) ·
Doodle Poll: Project Criteria & Governance Discussion (Tiger Team) 7 messages By Jenn Bonner (Linux Foundation) ·
May 31st meeting - call for agenda items 2 messages By Bob Callaway (Google, TAC Representative) ·
Question about Fuzz Introspector on OSS-Fuzz blog post 3 messages By Oliver Chang ·
[FYI] May Update for Developer Best Practices WG for TAC 3 messages By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
[FYI] May update for Vuln Disclosures WG for TAC By CRob Robinson (Intel) ·
TAC Meeting Cancellation - 5/17 By Jenn Bonner (Linux Foundation) ·
Meeting This Week? 3 messages By Dan Lorenc (Chainguard) ·
OpenSSF projects 14 messages By Josh Bressers (Anchore) ·
Suggestion: WG meetings have a standing "report on project status" if they have >1 project, maybe do something similar in TAC meetings By David A. Wheeler ·
FYI about a meeting in DC this week By Brian Behlendorf ·
Request for async vote on terminology 4 messages By Aeva Black (Microsoft) ·
Meeting Tomorrow, May 3rd By Aeva Black (Microsoft) ·
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