[FYI] Plan 2.0 uploaded as md files to our repo

CRob Robinson (Intel)

Team – THANK YOU for all the amazing collab so far.  Due to all of YOUR hard work we have reached the next milestone of our efforts – we are now ready to start fleshing out the skeleton of our plan(1), adding details, and honestly estimating resources and timelines!!  We are also now ready to start accepting PRs/issues now that the plan is in git.  Happy typing (and patches are welcome to help correct any md formatting across the 3 plan files)!


To that end, we’ve collected volunteers to help us break into smaller focus groups, iterate through the plan(1), and come back to present their work/request larger group’s approval/help:

  1. Collect & Curate Content
  1. Lead: Dave Russo
  2. Team: Sal Kimmich, Emily Fox, Judy Kelly, VMB, Randall T. Vasquez, Christine Abernathy, CRob, Wheeler
  1. Expand Training
  1. Lead: Glenn ten Cate
  2. Team: Christine Abernathy,, Randall T. Vasquez, CRob, Wheeler
  1. Reward and Incentivize Developers and Maintainers
  1. Lead: Sal Kimmich
  2. Team: Emily Fox, VMB, Randall T. Vasquez, Christine Abernathy, CRob


As we enter this next phase, ALL ARE WELCOME to join the focus groups, and our intent is that by zeroing in on a more precise problem set we’ll be able to increase our velocity in prepare the final plan that will be presented to the TAC and GB.


As we coordinate small group meeting times/details, I’ll talk to each section leader to talk about what we want content/formatting-wise from each group to deliver back to the team, but here is where our analysis and detail work will come into play, so please continue the excellent collaboration we’ve had to date.


Great job all, I’m looking forward to shaping our final deliverables with you all.  Thank you!


  1. https://github.com/ossf/education/tree/main/plan





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