[FYI] Meeting Time changes have been made

CRob Robinson (Intel)

All – with the assistance of the inestimable Jory Burson, we’ve official adjusted our meeting times to the following:


  • Full SIG calls every other Wednesday at 9am EST – starting 7September
  • Collect & curate (Section 1) – every other Thursday at 9am EST starting TOMORROW!!
  • Expand Content (Section 2) – every other Thursday at 430pm EST starting TOMORROW!!
  • Reward Developers (Section 3) – TBD – look for update soon!


Everyone is welcome to all calls, meetings will be recorded for those that can not attend and updates will be shared at each Full SIG call.  You can see all the foundation meetings in the community calendar(1).  VERY excited to be accelerating our work and getting the plan revised so we can start to being our good work for the community!  Thanks all.


  1. - https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=czYzdm9lZmhwNWk5cGZsdGI1cTY3bmdwZXNAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ






Director of Security Communications

Intel Product Assurance and Security