[FYI] DEI Meeting Time & Details

CRob Robinson (Intel)

Hello all.  Christine and Jay will be leading calls focused on the DEI activities within the EDU.SIG Plan(1) starting 17Jan2023.  A calendar invite can be found on the OSSF’s Community Calendar(2).


When – Every other Tuesday at 11am-12pm EST starting 17 jan2023

Where – https://zoom.us/j/91587450609

What – https://www.google.com/url?q=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LdQ07veOcJ596Vo3aQZCFy-HHeEO7cHnbE_6u_uq9Fk/&sa=D&source=calendar&usd=2&usg=AOvVaw2M7Rt7w-7-YuDqfIFc8iMX

Repo - https://github.com/ossf/education/

Chat - https://openssf.slack.com/archives/C04FMD5HSC9





Director of Security Communications

Intel Product Assurance and Security