Education Materials Organization Spreadsheet Complete

Dave Russo


The initial version of the Educational Materials Matrix [1] has been completed and is available to accept data. The intention for this spreadsheet is to have a definitive centralized list of the existing secure development educational materials that the Education SIG intends to use in pursuit of our objectives. We have defined a number of categories that will help us understand what each artifact provides and assist with creating curricula, defining gaps, acquiring and creating new content and planning for engaging and incentivizing the open source community.

To add an item to the spreadsheet, please provide the following in the Matrix tab:
- Title of the artifact, hyperlinked to its location
- Content Type - selected from the drop-down list
- Check all Domains that apply to the artifact (these are intended to be general, see the Domain Mapping tab for examples)
- Check all Personas that apply to the artifact (the types of learner that would benefit from the content)
- Check all Learner Levels that apply to the artifact
- Stack / Language - selected from the drop-down list
- The date of the submission in the Last Updated column
- The name (and e-mail) of the person who submitted the artifact in the Submitted By column

Suggestions for changes to the spreadsheet and categories should be submitted by creating an issue in the SIG repo [2].

Thanks to everyone that contributed, especially those who met during our working session yesterday to get things wrapped up!


Dave Russo
Senior Principal Program Manager, Secure Development
Red Hat Product Security