[FYI] Vote for Time to hold DEI Subcommittee Meetings by EoD Friday 1/6

CRob Robinson (Intel)

Hello all – The DEI subcommittee would LOVE your opinion on a bi-weekly meeting time that works out for the majority of folks who would like to join us in our focused efforts to move forward to addressing historically underserved communities with our educational efforts.  Please pick a time from the choices on this doodle(1) by FRIDAY JAN 6, 2023 so we can accommodate the majority of folks desiring to participate. We’ll then get an official meeting invite & assorted zoom details sent out to everyone afterward.  A copy of our first call’s meeting notes can be found here(2).  We’re looking forward to working with everyone as this effort progresses.


  1. - https://doodle.com/meeting/organize/id/eXL1rA8e
  2. - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LdQ07veOcJ596Vo3aQZCFy-HHeEO7cHnbE_6u_uq9Fk/edit#







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